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Satellite Products and Solutions

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Technology born of experience

Intermatica is  Service Provider for Italy of Thuraya, Iridium, Globalstar and Inmarsat and Solution Partner for Intelsat FlexMove services.

A plurality of excellent quality systems to guarantee a panel rich in products, services and solutions both standard and proprietary.

Intermatica satellite offer includes services that can be used throughout the world, including Poles: voice, GPRS and ADSL-Broadband data, telemetry, M2M, monitoring and geo-referencing services.

Furthermore, the availability of portable and fixed terminals and of systems for vehicular, maritime and aeronautical use, allows the use of Intermatica satellite services on every occasion, both personal and professional.


Maritime Land Abroad Outdoor Aviation


Why choose Intermatica

  • Unique Italian Service Provider of all Satellite Operators
  • Infrastructures and resources all operating in Italy
  • Specialized Technical Assistance on all Satellite Products
  • 24 month warranty
  • Customer Service

Moreover Intermatica offers a wide range of products and accessories always ready for delivery and on the total transparency of the offer, no "surprise" and no hidden costs.

Intermatica Satellite terminals comparison
Portable Satellite Modems

Portable satellite modems offered by Intermatica are ideal for voice communication and broadband data connection with high performance up to 492 kbps.

Several modems are available with different features and data transmission speeds, according to customer needs.

Easy to use, all modems can also be employed in fixed locations with the aid of an external antenna.