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Swiss Non-geographical numbers - NNG with Special pricing offer value-added services by collecting a fee calls from all phones calling from Switzerland.

The operation is very similar to VAS - Value Added Services Italian: the caller will be charged a premium rate and a portion (reverse share) will be paid to the service center, the company or the professional customer.

Swiss Premium numbers have different prefixes, depending on the type of service provided:

  • 0900: Business Services and Marketing (help desk, information service, services or products selling)
  • 0901: Leisure and Entertainment Services (fortune-telling, horoscopes, games, telephone competitions, etc.)
  • 0906: Entertainment Services for Adults

How does it work

The caller dials the number 090X from his Swiss phone (both fixed and mobile), the call arrives at the SmartNode of Intermatica network that, according to the default settings of the Customer:

  • informs the customer about the type and cost of service through a free message
  • provide any automatic interactive IVR services
  • directs the call to other landline or mobile according to the routing plan
  • interrupts the call once reached the maximum time required by Swiss legislation Connection

Through the web interface you can view incoming calls and access their traffic statistics, all in real time.

In addition, you can also manage:

  • Terminations and routes;
  • Call Center - Virtual Switchboard;
  • Automatic data entry services and issuing passwords;
  • IVR services, telephone surveys.

Rates quoted are in Swiss francs, while the payment will be in Euros, at the average exchange rate of the Bank of Italy for the month of invoicing. The services must be provided in full respect of the rules laid down by OFCOM, Federal Office of Communication.

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