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Born in 1997, Intermatica S.p.A. is National Telephone Operator and Official Service Provider of the major Satellite systems. The company is able to offer global and integrated solutions for fixed, mobile and Satellite communications.

The technology, reliability and advanced capabilities years of experience, have ensured confidence from major partner for the development of new services.

Today Intermatica decided to enter directly into the earth's mobile market as a virtual mobile operator (MVNO).

Always searching the excellence, Intermatica is privileged to work through the network of Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.A., the third Italian mobile operator with 22.3 million Customers, and the first alternative fixed line operator in Italy with 3 million Customers of which 2.2 million connected to broadband. A partnership that will ensure to Intermatica Customers the highest quality and reliability.

Our pride is to be an Italian company with services, infrastructures and resources operating all, entirely in Italy. Customer Service provides highly qualified and professional assistance to meet any requirement of the Customer.

For further information please visit [email protected]

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