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Keeping Ships connected, efficient and safe at sea

Marine Satellite Terminals are specific for marine applications and can support both voice and data communications up to the maximum speed of 444 kbps.

Simple and easy to install, the terminals are composed by a control unit, fixed inside the boat, and a marine tracking antenna, placed outside.

Based on the needs of the Customer, Intermatica provides different terminals to be installed on small and medium boats, mercantile ships and large yachts.



  • Connectivity to any corner of the Earth
  • Flexible and scalable data packages Communications in Band L
  • Comunicazioni in Banda L
  • High transmission speed


  • Communication speed of the catch
  • Security through access to weather information
  • Private communications between sister vessels fishing together
  • simple and easy access to communications for crew


  • Optimize operations and monitor corporate assets
  • Satellite coverage extended to the entire globe, including poles
  • Easily integrated technologies
  • Solutions with backup function


  • Satellite coverage throughout the Mediterranean or in any sea in the World
  • Compact and simple to install appliances
  • Competitive and flexible airtime packages

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