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Inmarsat Sailor FB 500

Inmarsat Sailor FB 500 capable of providing voice and broadband data even during navigation:

  • Standard IP: data transmission up to 432 kbps over a shared channel
  • Voice: Phone calls all over the World while using the Internet
  • ISDN: not available
  • SMS: send and receive


Terminals from different manufacturers are available with various performance and antenna sizes depending on the type of boat. All terminals are designed and manufactured specifically for marine use.

FB150: the entry-level terminal designed for ships of small and medium-sized Enterprises'. It provides standard IP connections up to 150 kbps. And it uses an antenna of 29 cm in diameter.

FB250: IP connections up to 284 kbps streaming IP up to 128 kbps. The Antenna is 32 cm in diameter.

FB500: the Top-range terminal enables Standard IP connections up to 432 kbps and streaming IP connections up to 265 kbps. The Antenna is 60 cm in diameter.

Inmarsat FleetBroadband allows to use the 505 Emergency Calling service: 505 Emergency Calling is a short code that you type on the keyboard, and immediately connect you with an operator of the MRCC - Maritime Rescue Coordination Center.

Inmarsat is a system based on a constellation of geostationary Satellites whose coverage is Worldwide, with the exception of the Poles.

Intermatica offers the full range of FleetBroadband products and services, thanks to an agreement with Inmarsat PLC as Official Service Provider, and the ministerial license.