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Satellite Products and Solutions

Satellite Solutions Satellite Products

Intermatica Satellite Solutions are born from the development of applications compatible with satellite and terrestrial communication networks that bring real advantages to customers operating in the land, sea or avionics sectors.

Ideal for those who need connections for primary or backup communications, for operators and remote offices located in remote areas where terrestrial connectivity is absent or poor and for those who need to communicate with their staff and their headquarters, even on the move.  

Intermatica collaborates with the primary partners to guarantee the best efficiency standard with the lowest environmental impact, using the Thuraya, Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat, Intelsat networks.

The added value of Intermatica is represented by the possibility, exclusive in Italy, to offer both "turnkey" customized solutions and to guarantee maximum assistance to integrators interested in the development of new satellite solutions.

Satellite Products and Solutions - Soluzioni Satellitari

Emergency Solutions

In Emergency stuations, when a handful of minutes can make the difference, there is no time for explanations and handbooks: it is necessary to act immediately...

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Business Continuity

Media have become indispensable for each of us and a vital element for all companies...

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M2M Solutions

Solutions used to improve efficiency, reduce cost, introduce new services and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace...

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Geomat Satellite Tracking

Geomat is a monitoring and georeferencing satellite Web service that can trace the path of any Customer...

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Video Broadcasting Solutions

Both broadcasters and institutions, have the need to transmit real-time news from various parts of the Earth...

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Broadband via satellite...

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Land Mobility

Intelsat | FlexMove - Mobile and portable connectivity: high performance, redundancy and reliability...

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