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With Intermatica you reach the maximun in convenience and quality for your phone calls!

You can choose from three different types of services to be able to talk to your loved ones when you want, how much you want

The APP PhoneAll, the PhoneAll phonecard and Mondoricarica are addressed to:

  • All Italians and Foreigners who want to call family and/or friends living abroad at competitive prices
  • All those who have a smartphone and want to make free domestic and international calls to PhoneAll Mobile Customers 
  • All who wish to top-up credit to friends' and family' phone in Italy or abroad
  • All travelers who want to bring down roaming charges


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Wholesale Services and Voice Solutions - Services for Consumers

PhoneAll Phone Card

International Calling Card PIN on sale in all bars, stationery shops and betting shops affiliated to Puntolis...

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