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Both broadcasters and institutions, have the need to transmit real-time news from various parts of the Earth

Nowadays all televisions broadcasters, no metter how big they are, as well as Istitutions have the need to transmit in real-time from different parts of the World affected by civil wars, terroristic attacks, catastrophic events or natural desasters.

One of the major impediments is represented by the dimensions of the equipment necessary for a high quality broadcast. 

Stay on top of the news

Being the firs to release a piece of news is a reason of pride not only for reporters but it is also something to boast about for a prestigious television broadcaster.

Avoiding completly all the times normally needed to establish a connection and to configure technical setups can be a considerable advantage in any sector operating in "last minute" conditions: an event that needs to be reported can unexpectedly occur at any time.

Moreover, in certain situations, it might not me possible to have vehicles fully equipped with Satellite systems. In case of earthquakes, floods, landslides and in wider terms catastrophic events, it is essential to use simpler and more flexible systems capable of supporting audio and video connections in few minutes.


Intermatica Solutions

Intermatica proposes an innovative solution, able to solve all problems you might encounter.

The equipment fit easily into a ruckack and can be installed by anyone in less than 5 minutes.

Intermatica Video Broadcasting solutions enable high-quality video transmission end do not need a large ammount of data streaming, thanks to a data compression software.

The truly revolutionary aspect of Video Broadcasting solutions is that it is not necessary a large investment; it it sufficient to connect a video camera to a PC and to an Explorer 700, to establish a Satellite connection.

Intermatica offers a "pay per use" service. The billing depends on what it is filmed and transmitted. It is possible to film even on the move thanks to special magnetic vehicular antennas, small and inconspicuous. The solution includes the compression software and the access to the managment platform. 

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