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Satellite Products Tracking Satellite Solutions

Until recently, only professional adventurers owned satellite communication devices.

Most casual backcountry enthusiasts lacked the budget or experience needed to own a sophisticated and expensive device for communicating latitude and longitude, not easy to read and decipher.

Those who ventured out of GSM coverage relied on maps and memory.

Technology has made progress in this regard by making satellite tracking devices more user-friendly and cheaper.

Why you may need a satellite tracking device

When you are in wild and / or remote areas, in areas not reached by terrestrial communications, or in particular circumstances, reliable communication could make the difference between life and death or between being rescued in case of extreme cold, injury or absence of food.

Tracking devices shown in this section are based on the Iridium and Globalstar low Earth orbit satellite networks, generally used for communication because they require less energy and have much lower latency times than GPS.

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