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Services for Companies899 VAS Number

The 899 Value Added Numbers are Non-Geographic Numbers with special rates dedicated to the provision of professional services. The caller is charged a special telephone rate, part of which (reverse fee) is returned to the Service Center, the company or the professional Premiumline Customer. The service provides various types of numbering with both per minute and flat rates and, for each of these, different cost ranges for the caller.

The call is picked up by the Intermatica intelligent network node. Based on your default settings, the Intermatica network performs the following operations:

  • informs the customer about the type and cost of the service through a free message
  • provides any automatic interactive IVR services
  • routes the call, to other landline or mobile numbers, based on the routing plan
  • interrupts the call when the maximum connection time required by current legislation is reached

Intermatica's 899 numbers can be reached from TIM, Clouditalia, Tiscali, Colt, Welcome, WINDTRE and Vodafone fixed network and from TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE and Iliad mobile network.

To activate a Premium Numbering or get more information on the costs of the Service dedicated to you, please call us at 800.58.02.46 or write to us at [email protected].

We will help you choose the 899 number right for you!


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