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Numerazioni Premium a Valore Aggiunto

Services for Companies893 VAS Number

Premium rate numbers are dedicated exclusively to the provision of social-information services: the usage of those numbers is regulated by AGCOM Resolution nr. 8/15/CIR.

The service requires the payment by the caller, of a special rate, part of which (reverse share) is returned to the Company, the Service Center or professional who has activated the numbering.

The 893 numbers are available in different lengths, both 8 and 10 digits (eg. 893.123.45 and 893.123.4567) and with different rates. On request it is possible to activate, numbering 893 with 7 digit (eg. 893.1234) in return of the payment of a ministerial fee, respectively € 27,000/year.

Despite other 89X numbers, the 893 ones, are enabled by default to receive calls from landline phones of the main Operators.

How does it work

The caller dials 893 on his phone, the call arrives to the SmartNode of Intermatica network that, according to the default setting, will do the following:

  • informs the customer about the type and cost of service through a free message
  • provide any automatic interactive IVR services
  • directs the call to other landline or mobile according to the routing plan
  • interrupts the call when the maximum connection time required by law is reached
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