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PremiumPAY is the Intermatica platform that enables Added value services to fixed and mobile networks. Payment is possible through either VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners credit cards and all other prepaid, rechargeable and disposable credit card.

The PremiumPAY service is an efficient alternative to the traditional Value Added numbering and offers the opportunity to increase Customers' loyalty, thanks to:

  • affordable rates with savings up to 50%
  • ease of use
  • professional assistance

Even who is not allowed, or simply doesn't want to call a Value Addes number, can now enjoy the service. PremiumPAY is fully automatic and ensures the maximum security and the full compliance with current privacy legislation.

How does it work

The Service Center it is assigned with a "short" PremiumPAY local number, to insert in advertising: the PremiumPAY numbering is associated with the per-minute rate, the same applied to the Customer.

The rate can be chosen by the Service Center and can be modified later on.

Customer calling the PremiumPAY number, will follow the instructions of the voice guide: it is possible to choose how many minutes to buy. The payment is directly thought the phone keypad, tyiping  the Credit Card data. Within a few seconds the transaction is completed and the Customer is connected to the service center.

Any remaining credit is still available for further calls, from the same caller's number (CLI) to the PremiumPAY numbering assigned to the Service Center. If the transaction takes place via a mobile phone, Customer will receive an SMS from PremiumPAY with the remaining amount, the transaction number, and the Intermatica Customer Service telephone number.

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