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Media have become indispensable for each of us and a vital element for all companies

During the last few years, several power and/or telephone network blackouts took place all over the World: many Companies have suffered damages deriving from the sudden interruption of business processes, while others have barely faced the situation.

Just to mention one eye-catching case, in 2008 the rupture of underwater telecommunication cables in the Mediterranean Sea affected two continents, leaving over 80 million people among Africa, Middle East and Asia unconnected. This caused enormous problems in the outsourcing, financial and tourism sector and had a serious fallout on telephone and television services.

This event symbolized a sort of "big warning".


The protection needed, at the right time

The impact of a telephone connection block may have very serious consequences for a Company.

Regardless of the fact that the Company deals with production, information, sales, consulting or financial services, communication with the outside world is essential.

Intermatica Business Continuity Satellite solutions are an efficient and inexpensive ways to secure business. Intermatica terminals are small, lightweight and easy to use, designed to be used with the existing infrastructure there, thanks to Satellite technology. Being based on Satellite networks in fact, they are not affected by any disruption of the related access to traditional fixed and mobile communications systems.

Similarly to an insurance policy, it is an emergency measure, ready to ensure the full efficiency of corporate telecommunications in case of need. Intermatica Business Continuity solutions can be activated only when need, allowing the Company to operate continuously.

Therefore, if there is an interruption of connectivity during a negotiation, in the middle of a financial transaction, during a conversation with a Customer or during the transmission of an important document, the activities will continue without any interruption.

Such systems are also a great way to get the Company away from possible penalties due to delays towards Customers.

Many Companies already have a Business Continuity plan made up of guidelines, rules and procedures to ensure the performance of the basic functions of the Company in the event of disasters.

An important aspect of a Business Continuity plan is to ensure connectivity with the outside World, under any circumstances.


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