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In Emergency stuations, when a handful of minutes can make the difference, there is no time for explanations and handbooks: it is necessary to act immediately

Emergency situations always tend to take us by surprise..

Handle an Eergency means to implement a series of actions aimed at limiting damages to persons or property and to bring the situation back to normal conditions as quickly as possible.

In the event of disasters or emergencies, traditional communication networks (fixed and mobile ones) are often involved: damaged cables, antennas and repeaters result unusable.

And even if they are undamaged, services are hampered by the immediate voice and data network congestion caused by the large number of telephone calls and connections by people affected by the event.

In order to make this possible, to have a plan and to communicate are the essential strategic choices for developing interventions to face these situations.

Thanks to Intermatica Emergency Solutions, based on Satellite networks immune from the consequences and the effects of disasters, you can communicate Immediately, Always and Everywhere.


Some Intermatica Solutions

  • Kit Always On - Always on self-powered solutions, ready for use and active in just 5 minutes:
        • Personal Light
        • Personal Top
        • Personal Dynamic
        • Personal Plus
  • InSAT - Satellite internet service for broadband connection even in the most remote areas with a maximum speed of 15 Mbps in download and 2.5 upload
  • Geosat - Satellite voice service easy to install that allows to place a fix or cordless phone at considerable distances from the omnidirectional antenna
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