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Iridium GO!

Iridium GO! is the ideal small hotspot for calling and connecting one or more devices in Wi-Fi, within a radius of 30 meters. It can be placed outdoor to take advantage of satellite services indoor, in a hut or below deck.

The terminal has IP65 and MIL-STD810F protection, high standards to withstand environmental agents, dust and water jets.

The Iridium GO! supports voice, SMS and the use of Iridium certified App, has a battery with a duration of up to 30 hours in standby, the GPS positioning system and the SOS button are integrated, essential to communicate the GPS coordinates in case of emergency.

Iridium GO! and Iridium Mail are the APP to use the main functions of the device, with the Iridium GO! it is not possible to browse the web.

Iridium GO! has a compact and lightweight design, ideal for entering a backpack and extending the use of your smartphone to satellite.