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Inmarsat Explorer 323

Explorer 323 is an ultra-compact vehicle terminal, designed to allow the use of Inmarsat services on moving vehicles with simultaneous use of voice and data up to 200 km / h.

It consists of a single piece with transmitter and antenna with integrated Wi-Fi (WLAN interface Standard 802.11 b / g).
The antenna, self-pointing and electronically orientable, of the latest generation with no moving parts, has an IP66 degree of protection, a high standard for resisting dust and waves of water.

The terminal is equipped with a single 6m DC Power and Ethernet cable and can be installed with brackets and magnets (optional). The Explorer 325 BGAN allows voice communications, SMS and broadband data connectivity up to 384 kbps in Standard IP mode and up to 64 kbps in Streaming mode. Voice transmission takes place via smartphone connected to the Explorer App.

The terminal is certified Inmarsat Class 12 Type and BGAN M2M to work with M2M SIM Cards.

It is the ideal solution for those who need a terrestrial device for voice communications and broadband data connectivity even on the move.



  • Mounting kit with magnetic brackets
  • 15m cable for 24V DC and Ethernet power supply