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Thuraya IP Voyager

Specifically designed for vehicular use, the Thuraya IP Voyager is a “Plug&Play” satellite terminal suitable for bidirectional data communication up to 444 kbps.

The terminal includes two components: the Control Unit - Below Deck Unit (BDU) and the vehicular antenna - Above Deck Unit (ADU).

The Control Unit is installed inside the vehicle. It can be horizontally or vertically mounted. It features Wi-Fi and four Ethernet ports with PoE (Power over Ethernet), supporting up to 15 W of power for each connected device.

The Satellite Antenna is easily mounted on the vehicle roof, using the supplied magnetic brackets. It is characterized by an internal auto-tracking system that automatically points to the Satellite.

The two components are connected by a 6 meter coaxial cable.

Thuraya IP Voyager is ideal to remain always connected through Satellite communication, even in the most remote areas, at a very competitive cost compared to other Satellite services.