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The evolution of land mobile services: high performance, redundancy and reliability.

Intelsat was created in 1964 as the world's first intergovernmental organization for the development and commercial management of satellite telecommunications.
In 2001 Intelsat was privatized and began investing in ground and satellite infrastructures to serve the media. It would later become the largest fixed satellite service provider.
Today, it operates the largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network in the world, offering multi-layered, redundant coverage and secure connectivity when and where you need it.
The Intelsat satellites in orbit are more than 50 and operate in the Ku band, with a wide beam system and HTS (High Throughput Service)
IntelsatOne is the system that allows connection, via optical fiber, between the various Earth Stations present throughout the world, guaranteeing redundancy and continuity of services.
The satellite services managed by Intelsat simplify satellite communications and offer the flexibility to meet the changing needs of customers.
Through this partnership, Intermatica is able to offer extremely high-performance broadband FlexMove services.



The FlexMove service provides two connectivity solutions, COTM - Communications-on-the-Move and COTP - Communications-on-the-Pause:

COTM Services

  • Communications-on-the-Move
  • Vehicle equipped with a satellite antenna
  • Automatically acquires connection to a satellite
  • Maintains communication while vehicle is moving
  • Data rates up to 5 x 2 mbps

COTP Services

  • Communications-on-the-Pause
  • Highly compact and portable satellite terminal
  • Automatic pointing to connect to a satellite
  • Designed for temporary use in a fixed location
  • Data rates up to 10 x 3 mbps



COTM - Communications-on-the-Move

Intelsat_Intermatica - Copertura Satellitare COTM


COTP - Communications-on-the-Pause

Intelsat_Intermatica - Copertura Satellitare COTP



o    Ubiquitous, always-on connectivity
o    Global coverage under one service region
o    High-throughput satellite (HTS) for Land Mobility
o    Faster and more affordable connectivity
o    Flexibility, actual consumption payment
o    Redundant and survivable network for mission-critical applications
o    Ease of integration and network management
o    End-terminal service sold by the GB (gigabyte)
o    Data rates up to 20x higher than legacy MSS solutions at a fraction of the cost