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Inmarsat is a system based on a constellation of geostationary Satellites whose coverage is worldwide, excluding Poles.

As a pioneer of mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat, born in 1979, has been providing global connectivity for nearly four decades. Its system is based on three geostationary satellites, whose coverage reaches the entire globe with the exception of the poles.
The offer in the portfolio is vast, although Inmarsat's highest specialization is towards voice and data communications at sea, to allow ships to stay in constant contact with the coast or to ask for help in an emergency, regardless of their distance.
Intermatica is the reference partner and the Inmarsat Manager and Service Provider for Italy and has acquired the important recognition of Bronze Partner.

Intermatica is the Bronze Inmarsat Service Provider recognized for Italy.

ISATPHONE 2 - Handheld phone.

FLEETONE -  Marine terminal for voice and data services.

BGAN -  Satellite voice and data transmission service up to 650 kbps, with simultaneous access, through a portable terminal.

FLEETBROADBAND - Broadband voice and data telecommunications services on board vessels.

Inmarsat - Copertura Satellitare




  • Excellent quality of voice service.
  • Numbering reachable from all over the world: Inmarsat prefix: +870 776 ***.
  • Network services: answering machine, call waiting, call blocking, call waiting.



  • Inmarsat satellite phones send and receive SMS messages.
  • It is possible that some GSM Operators inhibit the sending / receiving of SMS to / from satellite phones.



Satellite data connections in different ways:


  • dial-up at 2,4 kbps
  • broadband up to 492 kbps (modem)
  • send/receive e-mail (text only, maximum 160 characters)
  • send/receive fax




  • Integrated GPS on all terminals to determine geographic coordinates.
  • Portable telephones equipped with an SOS button which is essential to communicate your position in an emergency.





  • Use of services also in multi-user mode via Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Satellite terminal for voice and data connection via smartphone, easily transportable.
  • Wide choice of portable modems available.


  • Inmarsat satellites guarantee global coverage, including Oceans.
  • Availability of modems with broadband data connection up to 492 kbps.
  • Availability of modem with guaranteed bandwidth data connection up to 650 kbps (on request).


  • Wide range of tariff profiles.
  • No costs for inbound.


  • Availability of robust, light and compact terminals
  • Variable IP standard from 52 to 66.