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The new satellite solutions InSAT by Intermatica

Intermatica completes its offer of satellite telecommunications services with InSAT solutions: not only satellite connectivity with portable MSS systems - mobile Satellite Services, but also VSAT - Very Small Aperture Terminal solutions for fixed or semi-fixed installations.

For these services Intermatica has chosen Avanti Communication Plc. as its primary partner, becoming its virtual network operator for Italy (VNO - Virtual Network Operator).

Through this partnership Intermatica is able to offer new high-performance broadband satellite solutions, also designing them according to the needs of the Customers.


Avanti Communications is a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, owner of a rapidly expanding datellitare network, now composed of three geostationary satellite networks: Hylas 1, Hylas 2 and Hylas 4.

The reference satellite for the Italian territory is Hylas 4, launched in orbit last April 5th 2018.

The Avanti network includes several teleports / gateways connected to each other. The primary gateway for Italy is Goonhilly - United Kingdom. The latter is connected, via optical fiber, to Telehouse East in London and redundant on a secondary gateway. Intermatica is directly interconnected with Avanti through Telehouse East in London. On request it is possible to activate direct connections on the Avanti network also through the Telehouse Global Switch One (London), AMX (Amsterdam), Interxion (Frankfurt).

The InSAT solutions are ideal to satisfy, even in the most remote areas not covered by the traditional network, the increasing requests for broadband connectivity.

The Avanti satellite network easily covers all of Italy, in addition to most of Europe, the Mediterranean countries and some "key countries" in Africa and the Middle East. This makes it possible to cancel the "digital divide" in Italy, without the need for major investments and above all very quickly, even in the most remote areas.

The Avanti service, in fact, requires nothing more than the installation, by certified installers, of a small dish, comparable to those used for satellite TV and a modem, making access to Internet services simple and immediate.

Intermatica offers a unique service in the Italian panorama, guaranteeing high quality with maximum flexibility.

  • internet connectivity
  • VoIP telephony
  • streaming video
  • access to intranet / extranet networks
  • IP trunking
  • M2M services
  • video surveillance
  • emergency solutions
  • back-up solution
  • videobroadcasting
  • remote control

The InSAT services are highly customizable, modular and scalable, suitable for the most demanding customers, who need an independent network from the terrestrial one.