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22 March 2021

Nasso: “The key to business transformation is in the data-driven approach”

The interview with the CEO of Intermatica by CorCom

The CEO of Intermatica presents the partnership just signed with FICO, an international player specialized in analytics: “Win-win alliance for technological contamination and the extension of solutions to all market segments”.


"Data are defined "the new oil of the 21st century", renewable indefinitely by definition. Today the economy is based on data, a data driven approach allows companies to make quick, targeted and effective decisions.

The Internet of Things and hyper automation create countless opportunities in this sense and are determining new needs in terms of data collection and management. We are talking about Advanced Analytics, technologies that allow you to use data not only in descriptive mode but also in predictive and prescriptive mode, forecasting problems and behaviors, needs and trends".

This was stated in an interview with CorCom by Maurizio Nasso, CEO at Intermatica, an Italian player in the field of Tlc and system integrator with over 20 years of presence in strategic markets such as Energy & Utility, Telecommunications, Defense and Civil Protection. Intermatica has just formalized a partnership with FICO, an international company specializing in Analytics solutions and “data driven” decision support, to offer the market solutions with a high technological content, to enable the Clients' business transformation path.


Nasso, from the point of view of Intermatica and its business, which are the most significant opportunities enabled by technologies for the data-driven approach?

Intermatica has two “souls”: we are a carrier and a system integrator at the same time. We provide 360​​° connectivity solutions, Industrial-IoT technologies for the safety and monitoring of critical infrastructures (such as those based on Narrowband to which we have applied the latest generation satellite technology) and Safety of the personnel in charge of the activities in field, which allow a significant amount of valuable information to be collected and transmitted to those in charge.


Business Intelligence technologies allow us to offer "end-to-end" solutions to our customers, from the point of view of security but mainly from the optimization and efficiency of large infrastructures, a very hot topic in this moment.

Are there industries – even looking at Intermatica’s main customers – in which the adoption of solutions data-driven can be considered more urgent or more promising in general?

Of course there are. One of the most interesting verticals at the moment concerns the Energy & Utility sector, which is adopting Analytics solutions for the optimization of distribution networks in both the electricity and water fields, infrastructures that are notoriously complex to manage, geographically distributed and mission critical.

But also sectors such as Telco, Large Distribution, Transport, and Fintech, are adopting solutions based on sophisticated mathematical models in order to make the best decision in the shortest time, combining the need to offer increasingly competitive services, in line with customers needs and the minimum risk, to significantly reduce time-to-market to beat the competition and gain market share.

Today one of the key trends for companies competing on global markets is the application of “people centric” logic and big data help us also in this case in developing what is defined by Gartner as the “Internet of Behaviors”, which must offer a mutual benefit to both parties or risk being rejected by Consumers.


How was the partnership with FICO born? And what mutual opportunities do you expect from this alliance, which sees Intermatica as the exclusive partner for FICO for Italy?


It arises from the common desire to broaden one’s horizons with complementeray solutions capable of accelerating the digital transformation process of Customers. The complementary between FICO and us is in fact, both in terms of solutions and in terms of markets covered: a win-win partnership that allows, on the one hand, a significant technological “contamination”, and on the other hand, to be able to leverage on respective positioning to offer solutions in several market sectors. 

With the Covid pandemic, the race to digitalization has accelerated decisively in many sectors.
Could this historical period represent an opportunity to bridge a technological gap and enter the digital age with decision for the productive sector of our country? What signals are you receiving from the market?

Absolutely Yes. Beyond the aspects related to smart working, the pandemic has forced many players to rethink their business model in a very short time, effectively reducing the technological gap even by necessity.

Today we all have greater awareness of the potential of digital technologies and how their adoption can support a rebirth for the country’s productive sector, missing this opportunity would be crazy.

We have a natural predisposition to R&D, to experimenting with new solutions starting from the real needs that our Customers represent to us on a daily basis, linked to the need to achieve the objectives of their industrial plan. This allows Intermatica to act as a technological partner that can help accelerate the evolution of business processes thanks to innovation and, despite the difficulties of the moment, prepare strategies for Post Covid.

The feedback in this regard is very comforting and represents a spur for us to push on the accelerator to be one of the protagonists of the country's technological transition.
We are working alongside companies that have understood that transformation does not only concern processes and business models, but the way of making innovation.
Those who are adopting data driven business models are starting to show signs of concreteness with open doors on competitive scenarios.