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5 February 2020

Customer Service: more than just a department, it is the added value for your Company

Why make Customer Service a corporate mission


To be truly successful it is necessary to have much more than an excellent, innovative, useful and unique service or product on the market. A fundamental aspect to grow your business and guarantee it a constant hold is to have a good Customer Support Service.

Untangling yourself in the current scenario of Customer Service, characterized by social media, consumers always connected and the ingrained mentality that "the Customer is always right", is not easy.

Successful Companies are those that try to improve the level when it comes to dedicating themselves to Customers and exceeding not only their expectations, but also those of the sector.

But what is meant by "having good customer service"?

A well-made customer service consists of several aspects: reactivity, effectiveness, reduced waiting times, flexibility, transparency, clarity, meticulousness, competence, response to all feedback (whether positive or negative), ability to understand errors, staff ready to kindly solve customer problems, efficiency.

Yes that's right, nothing new and trivial concepts, but which become difficult to implement simultaneously in daily work.

However, it is only from the interaction of all these elements with time, money and resources that Customer satisfaction is born. Satisfaction that brings with it user loyalty and positive word of mouth that encourages new business.

Today, in the digital age, companies can rely on tools, such as technology and customer behavior studies, which prove to be fundamental in creating simple, personalized and as targeted assistance solutions as possible.

Knowing the Customer, understanding the individual and different needs, making the level of your Customer Service a priority.


The Benefits of Good Customer Service

  1. It is the first thing your Customers remember
  • 40% of customers start buying from competitors motivated by the excellent reputation of the service offered (Zendesk).
  • 82% of these users believed that their service provider could have done something to prevent switching to another provider. (Accenture).

If the customer's expectations are met, it is much more likely that he will continue to support the company and not pass over to the competition.

An inattentive Customer Service is one of the main causes of abandonment.

Customer Service is your business card. Present yourself at your best!


  1. IWord of mouth. The best advertising, and at no cost
  • 95% of customers share negative experiences with other people.
  • 87% of customers share the positive ones (Zendesk).

If the experience you offer is good, your customers come back. Returning customers are satisfied customers. And satisfied customers will speak well of you.

An unsatisfied customer will speak ill of you and will do it much faster!

Reputation and profitability risks.


  1. Source of competitive advantage
  • 77% of companies plan to maintain or grow their customer service team size over the next 12-24 months (Deloitte).
  • 63% of companies plan to invest more in the customer experience (Temkin).

Customer service is the first contact, most of the time the only one, with the company.

It is often the determining factor that induces the customer to proceed or not with a purchase.

Paying attention to the Assistance Service and differentiating yourself qualitatively affects the possibility of "returning" customers..


  1. It is more important than the price
  • 70% of shopping experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated (McKinsey).
  • 86% of Customers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better experience (RightNow).

Yes, customers are willing to pay more in order to take advantage of an excellent customer service.

If you are able to meet this need, your customers will be happy to pay a small supplement!


  1. It reduces the problems
  • 73% of consumers say that the friendliness of Customer Service operators can make them fall in love with a brand (RightNow).

Problems, however much we try to avoid them, are present in any company. Perfection in an activity does not exist. However, there is the ability to adequately manage complaints or problems reported: Customers will feel informed, followed and led towards the resolution of the problem.


An exclusive and personalized support service can and must become the added value that tip the scales towards your Company.

How to do?












Start by activating the Toll-free number 800!


Excellent marketing tool, it will help you improve communication with your customers.


What are your advantages by activating the toll free number 800?

  • make your company operational, functional and "big"
  • arouse the idea of ​​transparency
  • transmit attention and a willingness to listen
  • offer free calls to your customers


The relationship that is established and the assistance service, pre and post sales, make the difference and having a good communication channel is therefore your starting point for obtaining new opportunities.


Taking care of the relationship with Customers is the only way to stand out!