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5 August 2020

A.S.D. Imperia: OnShop among the sponsors of the Nerazzurri

Claudio Castellani talks about the partnership with Eugenio Minasso

Claudio Castellani talks about the partnership with Eugenio Minasso: "I don't like professional football, I love and have practiced motor sports at high levels, but in Minasso I saw a contagious passion and enthusiasm"


Among the sponsors that will accompany the Imperia in the next adventure in Serie D there will also be OnShop, a company of the Intermatica group, chaired by Claudio Castellani.

  • Claudio, how did the collaboration with Eugenio Minasso and the Imperia come about?

It was born in a strange way, because I am not a football fan, but I love all motorsport. Let's say I don't watch sports but I like doing it. As a group of companies we have always supported teams where we see passion and desire. Well, I saw in Eugenio Minasso a passion that was gutted and devoid of any other interest for his team and for these young people, and so I got passionate too, in short it was a choice completely detached from sport but linked to the person and his enthusiasm.


  • Who is the OnShop activity aimed at in particular?

The On-Shop Company of the Intermatica group was created to satisfy those who do not have a credit card but want to buy online, with a voucher that can be bought from any tobacconist, and can be spent on our affiliated vendors, from the flowers of Interflora to shopping that you take home, to subscriptions to newspapers. This is a secure system, which creates a PIN limited to that specific value and does not repeat itself; never. Any attempt at fraud would find an empty value. It is the only product of the Intermatica group that is aimed at a young audience, it is growing and we are pleased to support a company that is growing like us.


  • How is your relationship with football?

I cheer for Roma for affectivity, birth and colors, but I struggle to remember the names of Roma players. I have a dislike for the world of Serie A football, and for a certain type of professionalism that has completely deviated from the values ​​of sport, which for me are commitment and dedication. Unfortunately, everything has been commodified, that kind of professionalism has drained resources to any other sport. In Italy there are excellences, from swimming to motocross, to other disciplines that have no support because in Italy the recognized sport is only football. In the world this is not the case, in Italy football blurs and crushes everything. We sponsor the Imperia because it belongs to another type of football, permeated by healthy values, which give me the hope that healthy and serious people can also reach the Profs.


  • You have done the World Off-shore and international regattas with a sailboat called INTERMATICA. Can you tell us more about your passions?

I have a flying license, I was the Evolution class Off Shore world champion, I won in 2004 as a crew with Adriano Panatta and Giuliano Salvatori. I am satisfied with my victories also because I have never hurt myself despite several accidents. I have done Rally all over Italy, and all the most famous races also at international level. I am a lover of the sea above and below, sailing is the most beautiful way to go to sea, the sea must be experienced, used and respected; I have done various offshore regattas, above all the Middle Sea Race between Sicily and Malta and the Barcolana, an event with more than a thousand adhesions.


  • Your activity with Intermatica was born in 1997. Protagonist in the satellite communications market, where does your interest come from?

Like all things, opportunities arise from problems that if you are good and lucky become opportunities. In the early 90s I worked for a huge IT company, we did a lot of telecommunications jobs when ISDN lines were being born. My degree in engineering with a specialization in robotics gave me few chances, so I committed myself to the telecommunications front, when their liberalization led many investors to become telephone operators. At a certain point I decided to offer the skills and abilities acquired in the relationship with monopoly operators, but differentiating the offer. They rode a speculative bubble trying to make subscribers as multipliers of value at the expense of the service. In 2000 there were 265 telephone operator licenses, today they are very few, they can be counted on the fingers of both hands. I decided to set up my company, obtaining the first license with Intermatica to operate in the telephone market. My business goes from operator to operator, carrying out a wholesale traffic exchange. We have been active for over 20 years. When Iridium Italia closed, the United Arab Emirates launched their first satellites to cover desert areas, then they realized that the service could also be useful in Italy, on a mountain or a few miles from the coast. So I decided to enter the world of satellite communications, our major customers are the Government, the Civil Protection, the Alpine Rescue, the Military Units, and large companies that have understood that satellite becomes a kind of insurance for business continuity. With satellite, you are never cut off from communications even in the event of technical problems or accidents. The satellite devices come into service guaranteeing essential functions when the rest of the services fail for any reason. We guarantee professionalism and competence, this is our mission.




For 23 years a leading player in the satellite and terrestrial communications market, Intermatica S.p.A. was born in 1997 from the intuition of Claudio Castellani, an Italian with the desire to innovate in the field of telecommunications, in the years when liberalization took place for the first time.

Intermatica becomes National Telephone Operator, Manager and Service Provider of the best satellite communication systems (OneWeb, Thuraya, Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar and Avanti) and Partner of the main Italian and foreign Carriers, earning, over time, numerous awards and commercial exclusives national and international.

Intermatica is a member of the commissions for technical specifications for interconnection and regulations of the Ministry of Economic Development - Communications Department, of NaMex - the Mediterranean interchange point, of the NGN - New Generation Network committee at AGCOM and since 2007 be part of the ITU - International Telecommunication Union.

In recent years, the research and development of new technologies has allowed Intermatica to design and create integrated, optimized and innovative solutions. A 360 ° commitment that pushes Intermatica to discover new horizons in the fields of information technology, IoT, green energy and safety for the safety and protection of personnel working in the field.

Today the Company boasts an experience and know-how synonymous with quality and guarantee towards the customer, to whom an integrated, effective solution is always offered, with the lowest possible operational impact..

It is precisely the attention to the Customer experience and the subsequent satisfaction of the Customer's needs that have always been the added value of Intermatica, whose goal is to make Innovative Technologies and Communications available and accessible everywhere and for everyone.


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