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The system based on a constellation of LEO Satellites

Globalstar is an American satellite operator founded in 1991. Its system is based on a low orbit (LEO) constellation of satellites with the simple function of “bent type” radio repeaters.

A network of ground stations (gateways) provides the connection between the 40 satellites and the general telephone network and the Internet; users are assigned telephone numbers based on the numbering plan in which the gateway is located.

To provide the service to users, the satellite must have a ground station (gateway) in sight, this means that some areas, although overflown, have no reachable gateways and are therefore out of coverage.

Nonetheless, in the over 120 countries covered, Globalstar is the ideal choice for areas subject to digital divide and, thanks to its very low costs, it is the provider of voice and satellite data services with the largest number of active users on its network.

Intermatica is the Globalstar Reference Service Provider for Italy.


IMPORTANT: Globalstar numbers may not be reachable by some Italian fixed and mobile network operators.




  • Excellent quality of voice service.
  • Numbering reachable from all over the world: Globalstar prefix: +33 64 ****.



  • Globalstar satellite phones send and receive SMS messages.
  • It is possible that some GSM Operators inhibit the sending / receiving of SMS to / from satellite phones.
  • From our website it is possible to send free SMS to all Globalstar numbers.



Satellite data connections in different ways:

  • dial-up at 9,6 kbps
  • by dialing # 777 directly via telephone



  • Globalstar phones don't have built-in GPS.
  • Ability to send your location during a call.





  • Simple and intuitive telephone.
  • Satellite phone that does not require a SIM Card.


  • Coverage area extended over 4 continents and part of North Africa.


  • Advantageous rates between Globalstar numbers.
  • No reception costs within the Home Zone.
  • Competitive voice rates lower than roaming GSM mobiles.


  • GSP 1700 phone with high life cycle.