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Numerazioni Premium a Valore Aggiunto

Services for Companies899 VAS Number Services for Consumers

Premium Rate Numbers are charged at special rates and are suitable for professional services. All callers are charged a special telephone rate, a part of which (the reverse fee) is then returned to the Content Provider, business or professional Premium Line Customer.

The service has various types of numbers, with rates per minute or connection fees, and for each of them different tariff plans.

How it works:

The caller dials an 899 number from the phone. The call reaches the Intermatica intelligent network system, which carries out the following steps, based on the Content Provider’s pre-arranged settings:

  • a free message informs the Customer about the type and cost of the service
  • automatic interactive IVR services
  • calls are routed to other fixed or mobile network numbers according to the routing plan
  • calls are terminated when the maximum connection time, set by current regulations, is reached


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