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InSAT - Internet via satellite

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Suitable for an INTENSE use, ideal for Company of 25-40 employees

100 GB/month starting from € 215.00/month excluding VAT

Office 100 is the data traffic package that allows you to make internet connections via Satellite in shared band mode.

The minimum guaranteed bandwidth in the peak hours is 336 kbps in download and 128 kbps in upload, up to a maximum download and upload speed of 15 Mbps and 2.5 Mbps, anywhere in the Avanti Satellite coverage.

It is available the Free Night service where traffic consumed, from 23.00 to 07.00 a.m., is not billed.

On request the InSAT Booster service, available to all Customers needing to move at maximum speed, once reached the monthly included traffic threshold. Different size of InSAT Booster top-up are available ccording to your needs.

It is possible to easily buy added Booster of 1, 3, 5 or 10 GB.

It is also possible to assign a static IP address to each InSAT connection, for free. This service is available on request.

What to do with an Office 100?

  • Web and email always available
  • Download and read up to 20,000 e-mail
  • Download documents quickly
  • See streaming video
  • Download and upload files at high speed
  • VoIP Calls 

KIT - Information, Activation, Installation

  • Activatione fee: € 30,00 VAT excluded
  • Reflector, Illuminator and Modem: € 399,00 VAT excluded
  • KIT Installation starting from € 290,00 VAT excluded
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InSAT - Internet via satellite - Services for Companies

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