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InSAT - Internet via satellite

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Intermatica expands its range of Satellite telecommunication services with new InSAT Satellite solutions: not only Satellite connectivity with portable systems MSS - Mobile Satellite Services, but also the solutions VSAT - Very Small Aperture Terminal for fixed or semi-fixed installations.

For these services Intermatica chose a primary partner, Avanti Communications PLC, becoming virtual network operator to Italy (VNO - Virtual Network Operator).

Through this partnership, Intermatica is now able to offer new satellite solutions at extremely high performance broadband, available both standard and designed according to customer needs. Intermatica offers a unique service in the Italian market, ensuring high quality with maximum flexibility.

Avanti Communications is a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, owns a Satellite network booming, currently composed of two geostationary Satellites. The InSAT solutions are ideal to meet, even in remote areas not covered by the traditional system, the increasing demands for broadband connectivity.

Avanti's Satellite network covers smoothly throughout Italy, in addition to much of Europe, the Mediterranean countries and some key countries in Africa and the Middle East.

This system allows to cancel the "digital divide" in Italy, without the need for major investments and above all very quickly, even in the most remote areas. Avanti's service, in fact, it requires only the installation of a small size antenna, comparable to those used for satellite TV and a modem, making the simple and immediate access to Internet services.

Avanti's network includes several ground stations (Gateway) connected. The primary gateway for Italy is Goonhilly - United Kingdom. The latter is connected via fiber to Telehouse East London and redundant on a secondary gateway. On request, you can enable direct connections on the network even through telehouse Next Global Switch One (London), AMX (Amsterdam), Interxion (Frankfurt) and Netscalibur (Milan).