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Intermatica is the Italian Service Provider of OneWeb, Thuraya, Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat, Virtual Network Operator for VSAT services provided by InSAT-Avanti Communications Plc and Solution Partner for the Intelsat FlexMove services: an excellent plurality of systems with an excellent quality to ensure a panel full of products, services and solutions both standard and proprietary.

Intermatica's Satellite offer includes services available around the World, including Poles: voice, GPRS data and ADSL-Broadband, telemetry services, M2M, monitoring and georeferencing. The availability of portable and fixed terminals and systems for vehicular, maritime and aeronautical sectors, allows the use of Intermatica Satellite services at any time, both personally and professionally.

Why Intermatica

  • Transparency of the offer: no "surprise" and no hidden costs
  • Availability: wide range of products and accessories always in stock
  • 24 months warranty: on all terminals, even when not provided by the producers
  • Customers Service: specialized operators support Customers on all products and services
  • Technical Support: an exclusive laboratory for top-level repair and upgrade software quickly and at low cost

Intermatica is the only Company in Italy to integrate an offer of 7 Satellite Operators, assuring Cutting-edge technology and integrated systems to provide the performance at the most affordable cost.

Intermatica is freedom to communicate Always, Everywhere, for Everyone.


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