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Thuraya is a system based on a network of geostationary Satellites of the latest generation, which offers coverage to 140 Countries Worldwide.

Thuraya, founded in 1997, is one of the most important satellite mobile communication companies. Its system is based on two latest generation geostationary satellites, whose coverage reaches two thirds of the globe including Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

It therefore offers an innovative, flexible and reliable technology to facilitate communications where there is no GSM coverage and guarantees availability from the most remote corners of the World.
Thuraya has also entered into GSM Roaming agreements with many mobile operators from all over the world, thus guaranteeing flexibility and savings. The rates and conditions of use of the service depend on the mobile operator used.

Proud to lead innovation, Thuraya has been awarded prestigious international awards for revolutionary products and dedication to innovation. Intermatica has been the reference Manager and Service Provider of Thuraya since 2002 and since 2014 has acquired the important recognition of Gold Partner Tier 1, becoming the only authorized Partner in Italy.

Satellite voice and data services must be used in compliance with local regulations regarding the use of satellite equipment: in some countries the use of satellite terminals may in fact be limited, subject to particular licenses / authorizations or not permitted. We always recommend checking the necessary requirements with the authorities of the country where the terminal will be used.


Thuraya - Coverage Area



  • Excellent quality of voice service.
  • Numbering reachable from all over the world: Thuraya prefix: +88 216 ****.
  • Network Services: caller ID, call forwarding, call blocking, answering machine.



  • Thuraya satellite phones send and receive SMS.
  • It is possible that some GSM Operators inhibit the sending / receiving of SMS to / from satellite phones.
  • From our website it is possible to send free SMS to all Thuraya numbers.



  • Satellite data connections in different ways:
  • dial-up at 9,6 kbps
  • GmPRS 60/15 kbps (download/upload)
  • send/receive e-mail (text only, maximum 160 characters)
  • broadband up to 444 kbps (modem)
  • send/receive fax



  • Integrated GPS on all terminals to determine geographic coordinates. Some terminals also have Beidou, Glonass and Galileo systems and can track at regular intervals.
  • Some mobile phones are equipped with an SOS button which is essential for communicating your position in an emergency.





  • Simple and intuitive terminals.
  • Menus and manuals in Italian.
  • Wide choice of satellite phones.
  • Thuraya GmPRS - Geo Mobile Packet Radio Service is the packet data transmission service that allows an IP data connection at 60/15 kbps (download / upload).


  • Devices to transform the smartphone into a satellite phone.
  • Satellite phones with GmPRS 60/15 kbps data connection (download / upload).
  • Availability of fixed and mobile terminals with broadband data connection up to 444 kbps (download / upload).


  • Competitive Voice and Data Rates.
  • Wide range of tariff profiles.
  • TwinNumber numbering +39 319 xxxxxx.
  • No costs on inbound.
  • Convenient rates between Thuraya numbers.


  • Excellent Customer satisfaction.
  • Dynamic allocation of network resources to avoid traffic congestion.