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The World's largest constellation of telecommunications satellites for private use

Iridium Communications Inc., founded in 1990, is the mobile satellite communications company that offers global coverage of voice and data communications. Its system is based on a constellation of low-orbit satellites that guarantee the signal even at the Poles.

Iridium is always committed to maintaining stability and reliability of services in the daily management of mission-critical activities, through reliable and low-latency communication services.

The 66 satellites move on LEO (low orbit) Earth orbits and are interconnected. It is the largest commercial constellation for voice and data communications. The signal is transmitted from one satellite to another until it reaches another Iridium phone, or to the nearest ground station for calls to land phones.

In 2018, all Iridium NEXT satellites were launched to enable high quality broadband satellite communications

Intermatica is Iridium's reference Service Provider for Italy.

Iridium - Copertura Satellitare




  • Excellent quality of voice service.
  • Numbering reachable from all over the world: Iridium prefix: +88 16 ****.
  • Network Services: caller ID; call transfer; call block; voice mail.



  • Iridium satellite phones send and receive SMS messages.
  • With Iridium SIM Cards it is not possible to send / receive SMS from Italian operators.
  • From our website it is possible to send free SMS to all Iridium numbers.



Satellite data connections in different ways:

  • dial-up at 2,4 kbps
  • up to 134 kbps (marine terminals)
  • send/receive e-mail (text only, maximum 160 characters)
  • send/receive



  • GPS integrated on some terminals to determine geographic coordinates.
  • The Extreme 9575 and Iridium GO! they are equipped with an SOS button, which is essential to communicate your position in an emergency.





  • Simple and intuitive terminals.
  • One device for Global Coverage, including Poles.


  • Extreme 9575 and Iridium GO! have integrated GPS tracking function.
  • Iridium GO! allows you to make satellite communications from your devices via Wi-Fi.


  • Advantageous rates between Iridium numbers.
  • No costs for inbound.
  • Extreme 9575 and 9555 phones with magnetic antenna included.


  • Extreme 9575 and Iridium GO! have an SOS button.
  • Availability of weather-resistant satellite terminals, IP65 certified.