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MissionLINK 700 is the vehicle terminal designed to use the new Iridium Certus service, operating on the constellation of Iridium Next satellites. It has two easy-to-install elements: the omnidirectional satellite antenna and the control unit.

The MissionLink guarantees global voice and data communication, including Poles, offering three dedicated voice lines and a data rate of up to 352/704 kbps (upload / download). It also has an integrated tracking system and in the future it will be possible to use the guaranteed band mode up to 256 Kbps.

The control unit has three RJ45 LAN PoE ports for connection to VoIP telephones or PC, one RJ45 WAN port and one RJ-14 port for connection to a classic analog telephone, with which it is possible to obtain, via a splitter, two separate telephone lines. The system integrates Wi-Fi communication with the IEEE.802.11 b \ g standard.

It is the ideal terminal to stay connected anytime, anywhere, even on the move.



More about Iridium Certus

ridium Certus is the new service operating on the Iridium Next constellation that redefines the throughput of mobile satellite communications for maritime, IoT, aeronautics, land and government mobile applications.

Iridium Certus simplifies satellite communications through a robust multi-service platform by offering the highest available L-band data rate and allowing simultaneous operations.