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OnShop voucher is a new prepaid system simple and safe to use for online shopping: the ideal tool for who doesn’t have or doesn’t want to use the credit card on the web.

Distributed on an exclusive basis on Lottomatica Italia Servizi in values from € 25 to € 300, OnShop is always available as it’s printed by the terminal used for mobile top-ups.

OnShop is a PIN printed on a receipt. Such PIN is requested at the check-out step of the purchase. The possible change can be used to buy other products, on the same or on other websites, even adding another OnShop PIN.

OnShop is not a top-up card. Once the credit has run out, the Customer can buy another PIN. The cost for OnShop is € 1.20 VAT included.


How to use OnShop:

Shopping online with OnShop is as easy as pie: select the products on the website affiliated to the circuit, select OnShop among payment methods and, when required, insert the PIN.

The possible change available on the voucher can be used up to the last cent as in a same purchase more than one PIN can be inserted.

The list of the websites part of OnShop circuit is always updated on www.on-shop.it.



  • cost control
  • maximum safety
  • lots of websites to go shopping
  • great gift with a customizable package. Download the origami from on-shop.it
  • widespread availability thanks to Lottomatica network, with over 70,000 Points of Sales
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