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The OnShop Shopping Voucher is; a new prepaid system, easy and safe for making purchases on the web: the ideal tool for those who do not have or do not want to use a credit card on the internet. Distributed exclusively by the Lottomatica Italia Servizi network in denominations of euro 25 to euro 300, OnShop is always available because  it is issued by the same terminal with which mobile phones are recharged.

The OnShop Shopping Voucher looks like a receipt on which is printed a PIN which is required at the time of purchase on the web and must be kept until the credit runs out. Any residual credit of a PIN may be used in a subsequent purchase together with a new shopping voucher.

OnShop is not rechargeable, once the credit is exhausted you need to buy another one.

The cost of purchasing OnShop is Euro 1,20 VAT included.


How to make an online purchase

Making an online purchase with OnShop & egrave; very simple:

1. Find a Punto LIS Points of Sale

2. Buy OnShop: You will receive a recepit with a PIN

3. Go to OnShop.world and select a partner

4. Insert the PIN and buy in completely safety



OnShop Digital Vouchers are a payment method designed to protect your sensitive data and provide you the ability to shop on the web in complete safety:

You will always buy
on verified sites

With OnShop you will have the security of purchasing only on verified websites and through a confidential and secure payment method.

Trust is good, OnShop is better!

Digital purchases of your teen children

Safely manage your children’s entry into the world of digital payments with a protected and secure credit. Turn their pocket money into digital!

The first digital pocket money!

Shopping online without using the card

If you don’t trust to use your card and don’t want the bureaucracy of making a second one, buy OnShop Digital Voucher and stay secure!

The smart alternative to the second card!

You can also buy OnShop Shopping Vouchers online, click below:

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