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Thuraya SeaStar Wi-Fi

Thuraya SeaStar Wi-Fi is the new terminal for marine use.

Born to offer secure and reliable voice and data satellite communications it is the ideal product for amusement boats and small fishing boats.

It comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and two different ports, one to connect a laptop and surf with GmPRS connection, and one to connect a possible second analogic phone.

In case of Emergency it is possible to relie on a SOS botton, wich will automatically send the GPS position to a pre-defined number.

Another innovation come from the introduction of the Geofence function will permits an advace monitoring of the boat. With this function it is possible to define GPS coordinates which delimit a specific navigation area. Once outside this area the terminal will send its GPS position to a pre-defined number.

Easy to install, thanks to the small dimentions and weight of the omnidirectional antenna.