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L'innovativo servizio VoIP che consente di effettuare telefonate ed inviare messaggi attraverso Internet (Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G o 4G)

With PhoneAll App, Intermatica innovative VoIP service, you can make calls and send instant messages via the Internet (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G):

  • FREE OF CHARGE - to any other user who has installed the PhoneAll App on his smartphone
  • AT AFFORDABLE RATES - to the whole World

Once you download the App on your smartphone and you top-up a small credit, you can call all over the World at very affordable rates: you will experience an excellent Voice quality.

Download the App now, sign up and discover how easy it is to save!

You can use PhoneAll Application from any smartphone with no fees, no activation costs, no charges on the SIM or phone bill.

The cost of the call is deducted only from the credit loaded into PhoneAll account.

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