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Want to shop online without using your credit card? With Onshop you can buy branded products and services with unique benefits

OnShop is a prepaid Card. It looks like a cash voucher with a printed PIN number that can be used to purchase products and services on the websites of associated vendors.

The PIN number is requested at the time of purchase and must be carefully stored together with the serial number on the card, until all the credit is used up.

The OnShop prepaid Card is now available in denominations from € 25 to € 300.

The cost of each OnShop Card is € 1.20, VAT included, to be added to the value of the prepaid Card.

How to buy with OnShop

Buying with OnShop is as easy as pie!

  • Go to the where to spend section
  • Select the virtual business on the list with which you want to make your purchase
  • Select the product or service you want
  • Go to Payment and select OnShop: a window will open on which you will have to perform a simple operation.
  • Enter the OnShop PIN number, accept the conditions for use and click SEND
  • Click on the image to zoom in.
  • Once you have concluded this simple operation, if the purchase is successful, the following message will be displayed:
    Purchase successful


  • Security: No need to disclose your credit card number
  • Control: Safe and controlled payment
  • Reliability: The Card is disposable and is not rechargeable
  • Confidentiality: No need to give personal data and the use of the service is not listed on your phone bill or on your credit card statement
  • On-Call Availability: At any time and from anywhere, thanks to the LIS (Lottomatica Italia Servizi) network
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