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FICO® Solutions Innovation at the service of companies


FICO® is the company pioneered the use of predictive analysis and data science to improve managerial and operational decisions.

FICO® holds more than 180 patents on technologies that increase profitability, customer satisfaction, and growth for businesses in financial services, telecommunications, health care, retail, and many other industries.

With its experience in the use of mathematics and analysis to automate decisions, FICO® has created a complete suite for risk management and customer loyalty.

Intermatica offers the FICO® solutions on the Italian market in the fields of Cybersecurity, Decision Management, Digital Authentication, Collections & Recovery, Optimization and Anti-fraud systems.

Solutions based on analytical and predictive calculation to maximize decision-making strategies and process flows.


In protecting customers' personal data, company data and IP addresses, FICO® adopt a multifaceted approach to guarantee:


In the digital age, user safety has totally changed, and today customers have increasingly high expectations, in terms of quality, immediacy and protection. Relying on a partner of the caliber of FICO means guaranteeing the highest quality and safety standards for your organization and establishing a trusted digital identity.

FICOXpressOptimization_Intermatica FICOFalconAuthentSuite_Intermatica FICOCyberRiskScore_Intermatica

FICO Xpress Optimization

Solving your biggest and most complex business problems

FICO Falcon Authentication Suite

Securing the digital experience 

FICO Cyber Risk Score

The most accurate security rating service

FICOApplicationFraudManager_Intermatica FICODebtManager&Solution_Intermatica FICOCustomerCommunicationServices_Intermatica

FICO Application Fraud Manager

Stop fraud at the point of origination

FICO Debt Manager & Solutions

Boost collection revenue and capability — compliantly

FICO Customer Communication Services

Individualized customer interactions at large scale

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FICO® Cyber ​​Risk Score
FICO® Cyber ​​Risk Score