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Innovation at the service of companies FICO® Solutions

As a child when I was given a box of Lego I did not follow the instructions. I used the same pieces to build shapes unlike those suggested. Today I am consistent with that child. I use the same tools that are available to everyone to create innovation. "

        Intermatica CEO


Increasing productivity, cutting costs and readjusting processes to the continuous changes in the market are just some of the daily challenges that companies, manufacturing companies and public administrations have to face.

We dedicate ourselves every day to the research and development of solutions aimed at the different needs of our customers by offering an integrated service up to the delivery and implementation of our solutions.

Our value proposition focuses precisely on innovation, at the base of which we guarantee reliability, quality, technologies and resource optimization, to guarantee the maximum return on investment.


We propose ourselves on the market as a Global Connected Solutions Provider, that is a strategic partner for advanced solutions of “Industrial IoT” and “Internet of Humans” for the terrestrial and satellite segments. And over the years of experience we have developed an efficient methodology for approaching projects.

We connect people, devices, applications, processes and organizations thanks to an advanced interoperable ecosystem of digital technologies.

We offer an extraordinary level of IT and communications security, we help protect and monitor any type of corporate asset, even territorially distributed over large areas or located in remote or inaccessible areas to be infrastructure, thanks to the integration of different technologies and capabilities.


Even before being a Company, we are people, and as such sensitive to current issues that affect our planet and proactive in making our contribution. This is why Green Energy could not be missing in our research and development laboratory.
We study how to put technology at the service of improving the efficiency of renewable energy.


IT Security, System Integration, Mobility and Satellite Services, Tracking and Safety systems, IoT, IoH, ICT and OT solutions, Project consulting, management and delivery, Green Energy.

Le Soluzioni

Safety & Emergency Solution

Extremely reliable "Always On" satellite systems to communicate in an emergency and / or when terrestrial networks are insufficient....

Safety & Emergency Solution
PhoneAll Mobile

With PhoneAll Mobile you receive an Italian mobile phone number with the prefix +39 319....

PhoneAll Mobile
The photovoltaic

Increase the performance and optimize the investments of photovoltaic systems through a basic principle of physics...

The photovoltaic
Thermal cameras Anti Covid-19

Portable and Fixed Cameras...

Thermal cameras Anti Covid-19