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Innovation at the service of companies FICO® Solutions

Intermatica has always been projected to INNOVATION in the field of telecommunications to make them accessible and available everywhere and for everyone.

Add, remove, try, dare. This is the spirit that animates Intermatica which, thanks to its own TECHNOLOGY, works in synergy with the best partners on the market.

The special projects deepened in this section are just some of the company's flagships, examples of how their knowledge and skills, put at the service of the market, create SOLUTIONS.


When the word "Communicate" also coincides with the word "Security", it is important to know that you can rely on reliable and continuous systems.

  • "In which areas is stable, reliable and continuous communication necessary, also understood as an exchange of information and data?"
  • "How can satellite communication help us get around obstacles such as GSM networks, congestion and signal loss?"
  • "How can a telecommunications company serve the green energy?"


These are just some of the questions that have motivated Intermatica's desire to anticipate the times by discovering new horizons.

With the ability to think "out of the box" Intermatica establishes itself as a driving force on the market.

Le Soluzioni

Safety & Emergency Solution

Extremely reliable "Always On" satellite systems to communicate in an emergency and / or when terrestrial networks are insufficient....

Safety & Emergency Solution
PhoneAll Mobile

With PhoneAll Mobile you receive an Italian mobile phone number with the prefix +39 319....

PhoneAll Mobile
Thermal cameras Anti Covid-19

Portable and Fixed Cameras...

Thermal cameras Anti Covid-19