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Innovation at the service of companiesPhoneAll Mobile FICO® Solutions

The innovative VoIP application entirely made by Intermatica and tailor-made for companies

The PhoneAll Mobile Application (PAM) is Intermatica's innovative VoIP service, which allows you to make calls and send messages via the Internet (Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G). The App is available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play and allows you to call the world at extremely advantageous rates. Calls and messages exchanged App on App are completely free.

PAM can be used, from any smartphone, without fees, activation costs, charges on the SIM or on the telephone bill. The cost of the call is only deducted from the credit loaded into the PhoneAll account.

Compared to other similar apps, PhoneAll is the only one that assigns an Italian mobile phone number with the prefix +39 319.


Why choose it

A phone number other than your personal number, on which you can be reached only when the App is open, therefore only when you want to stay in touch. In the event of an unanswered call, the PhoneAll user can be called on the number 319.  

With PhoneAll the call quality is excellent, often superior to the quality of traditional mobile lines.  

To date, PhoneAll generates a volume of minutes / month of 1.2 million.


What is it for

  • App calls
  • Calls to numbers all over the world at extremely advantageous costs
  • Receiving calls on +39 319
  • Video call
  • Call Conference, with App and external calls (no Conference Room)
  • Chat: Text messaging and sending attachments  


How does it work

1. Download the Application

2. Start it

3. Enter your mobile number preceded by the international prefix (for Italy 0039)

4. Enter the security code you receive via SMS for activation

You can consult the call rates at any time directly from the App and also:

Pricing per minute NO Click to answer  



Voice quality Number 319 associated Ability to call any number Different payment methods, also through the PhoneAll card distributed by Lottomatica Adaptive band occupation Safety Graphic interface customization and useful functions:

for example, you can customize the App button with YOUR COMPANY LOGO



Companies that have a lot of staff employed abroad:

  • Onlus
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Buildings
  • TV and Broadcasting
  • Large Industrial Groups
  • Tour Operator
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