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How to communicate in case of emergency

The communications are undoubtedly classifiable among the most important resources to allow the overcoming of the criticalities that follow emergencies of any kind, in particular in catastrophic contexts, they are essential to manage the complex logistics of relief, to maintain the functional state of public administrations and, not least, to support the information needs of the affected populations.

In these situations, there is also the now indispensable demand for connectivity to telematic networks, which are the gateway to not only effective communication systems, but, above all, to relocated servers and specific applications of rescue and government bodies.

To protect communication networks, construction standards are adopted which take into account a certain degree of resistance to accidental external factors, but there are catastrophes and / or situations capable of overcoming these preventive actions as well; an example are the great floods and earthquakes.

If available, network services, in particular public, are then affected by the difficulty of access due to the overload. There are also permanent environmental conditions that can limit the use of traditional technologies, i.e. particularly isolated areas or rural areas with serious problems, where emergency interventions cannot be supported by any local infrastructure. Wireless systems, such as radios and GSM telephony, are the main communicative reference in emergencies.

They are systems, easy to use, effective for the uses for which they are intended and generally represent the most widespread means for the local coordination of aid and for the exchange of information. However, they often present some critical points that can limit their use.

For this reason, the rescue agencies are generally equipped to make their transmissions autonomous with the now indispensable satellite connectivity, which is undoubtedly the most reliable system in the absolute sense, not only for emergency services, but also for workstations administrative and for private individuals.


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