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Navisat is the Intermatica Marine Satellite terminal specifically designed to provide Thuraya voice services for fixed installation.

This is the ideal solution in all those areas where traditional coverage is not available. The terminal, which operates on the Thuraya Satellite network, consists of three main elements:

The External Module - MoE. The Internal Module - MoI. The Cordless Phone.

Navisat has been designed for easy-to-install fixed application: the hemi-omnidirectional antenna contained inside the MoE requires no orientation. In fact, it is sufficient to install the MoE outside in an elevated position with 360° visibility of the sky. The terminal is ideal for use in alpine areas and remote areas, military purposes, as a backup for operations centres, on oil rigs, etc.

Compared with other fixed solution, Navisat allows to have the phone at any distance regardless of where the antenna is installed, without using coaxial cables.