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Tailor made projects for MVNO

Pronto Italia Mobile - Progetti tailor made per MVNO

Established in 2014, Pronto Italia Mobile is the youngest of the companies of the Group. Its corporate mission is to assist in the development of tailor-made projects in the virtual mobile telephony market.
PIM – Pronto Italia Mobile offers its partners a turn-key personalization service for MVNO projects.

After studying the market scenarios, brand awareness and the customer target, PIM packages and offers a solution that includes branding, dedicated rates, ad hoc customer care and promotional campaigns.

Thanks to the longstanding experience built up in the telecommunications sector and to the infrastructure of the Group, PIM assists the company in generating a business that enables its partner to manage relationships with its customers in a rewarding and on-going manner.

PIM is the new way to look at the MVNI world so as to direct and optimize investments and secure the most effective and lasting CUSTOMER LOYALTY instrument in the shortest delay.

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