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Care-free Online Shopping

OnShop - Shopping Online senza pensieri

OnShop is the newest company of the Intermatica Group.

The company was founded in 2013 as a result of the success of the homonymous online shopping method.

The OnShop Voucher is an exclusive limited-use voucher consisting of a paper coupon worth a predefined amount, redeemable by the bearer, in the eshops affiliated to the OnShop network. The voucher is non-refundable and non-rechargeable and no change can be given as cash.

Delivered electronically and printed directly from the terminal in the outlet, OnShop is distributed exclusively in the whole country by the LIS (Lottomatica Italia Servizi) telematics network.
LIS is the largest Italian network of shops including tobacconists, supermarkets, cafés, stationer’s and small retailers.

The OnShop network includes leading websites in the fields of electronics, home shopping, floral services, gaming and much more.

Continually evolving, as of 2014, the AIL (Italian Association Against Leukaemia - Lymphoma and Myeloma) website has also joined the network, giving the possibility to donate online and contribute to scientific research.

Customers Plus

  • Certainty of the expense
  • High security: no credit card number to be communicated
  • Availability always and everywhere thanks to a network of 70.000 PoS

Vendor Plus

  • Acquisition of Customers which don’t have the Credit Card or don’t wish to use it on internet
  • No technological investment
  • No activation or monthly fee cost
  • No risk of payment dispute
  • Coexistence with traditional systems of purchase: OnShop is complementary to other ways of payment
  • Real time statistics
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